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A concise History of Future

What’s it —— A Concise History of Future is the first play to have been featured in the world-renowned Berliner Festspiele Theatertreffen Stückemarkt by a Chinese playwright in 2016. The play creates a poetic imaginary world interweaving the past and the future, the south and the north. The characters involve familiar roles in a society, ancient Chinese and Western classics like Antigone and White Bone Lady, and also imaginary ones like a cat with a hole. While audiences go through journeys and dream-like episodes with the characters, one can also relate all the symbolisms of authority, power, exploitations and corruption to a real life totalitarian state in our present time.

What we did —— After we read the script, we get that it's a rather dark and poetic play. There're numerous characters in the play, but after talking to the director, we knew that the cat with a hole is quite a crucial one, which we illustrate subtly with the actress going through the actor's body with hand gestures. To parallel the gesture is another important symbol- the train that goes through mountains, connecting the south and the north. Together with an “outsider” from the future who wants to bring a box to the north, we utilize the symbolisms in the play to create a dream-ike image for the play.

Client :
Reframe Theatre
Art & Creative Direction  :

Playwright / Director :
Yan Pat-to

Producer  :
Felix Chan

‘A country on the brink of civil war.
Two generations, two cities, two opposite journeys.
While the entire population is fleeing towards the South, the outsider struggles to get to the North in order to fulfil his mission.  Time levels intermingle. With nowhere to run or hide, where is history headed?
Defying the linear narrative, witness barbarism unfolds in asynchrony.’

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