Chaos & Order

Based in Hong Kong, TIO is a multidisciplinary creative studio founded by Toby Fung & Ivo Hos in 2017. TIO is an experimental playground for two curious minds. 

We think and speak in visuals. We believe even a simple image can communicate an idea, a feeling or a far-reaching message. We tap into the creative potential of different elements to tell your story.

Toby Fung embraces chaos; Ivo Hos advocates order. Ivo was born and bred in the Czech Republic and Toby in Hong Kong. Together, we explore the ever-expanding visual vocabulary.
Bringing into play the nice blend of our dissimilar backgrounds, we span across diverse disciplines from traditional media to digital ones. Our scope allows us to find the optimal form of expression for your project – we won’t take on project that we cannot do well.

Each of TIO’s works has a distinct personality of its own. Yet, more often than not, we give our works a human touch that relates to the audience.

What we do

Art & Creative Direction
Graphic Design
Motion Design
Video / Animation

Portrait photos by :
Egill Bjarki
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