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Hong Kong Art-in-Motion : Art Bus 藝術發現號 

May 2014

What’s it —— Hong Kong Art-in-Motion (Art Bus) is a free circular coach service connecting five unique art and cultural hotspots in town. Passengers are invited to hop on and off along the route to discover different art spaces with the tailor-made guidebook and mobile application.

What we did —— We believe humans are curious creatures: when people pass by an uncovered manhole in the street, invariably they can’t help but peep what is inside. In art, curiosity always leads to wonderful surprises. Hence, we made the design colourful and vibrant. We saw the bus destinations as points of interest where curious participants would go to explore. In the visuals, multiple colours splash out unexpectedly to represent the amazement that would catch participants off guard in the most pleasant way possible. We had great fun with this project too! 

Client :
Hong Kong Arts Centre
Art & Creative Direction & Production :
Studio TIO

‘Young and old, parents and children, teachers and students,
artists and tourists, jump on board to explore Hong Kong‘s culture,
art and history!’

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