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Cultural Masseur : Dragonix Multi-Arts Festival

What’s it ——  Themed on ‘Dragonix’ (大龍鳳), the Festival was the finale of the whole Cultural Masseur project. Presented by the Hong Kong Arts Centre, it comprised 12 programmes in five series, featuring artists from Hong Kong, Asia and Europe. It brought contemporary art experience to the theatre and the city’s different corners.

What we did —— Originated from Cantonese opera, ‘大龍鳳’ (or literally ‘Big Dragon Pheonix’) is a term more widely used nowadays as a slang to playfully mean ‘putting on a show’.  Hence, we created a mischievous dragon/phoenix-like creature that would swoosh through the event venues to stir up people’s imagination. To accentuate the creature’s presence, we used monochrome backgrounds to contrast with its colours. Interaction between the audience and the creature is a crucial element in the visuals and animation, as most events encouraged participants’ active involvement. We wanted to make people feel like touching the art. 

Client :
Hong Kong Arts Centre
Art & Creative Direction & Production :
Studio TIO
Photography / Videography :
Egill Bjarki

Sound Design (for trailer) :
Po Wing

VO Script (for trailer) :
Miu Law

Voice Talent (for trailer) :
Lee Chun Chow

Tram photography :

Backdrop photograhy :
Luster Angle

‘The programmes seek to catalyse cross-media creation, foster human interaction, challenge and open up the senses, and reveal the fascinating dynamics between the arts and our day-to-day existence.’

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