8/F Platform : NEON

Trailer for a Dance Theatre work

What’s it ——  Neon is a blackbox dance theatre work that re-imagines Henry Cowell’s music. Well before the production took shape, we had to collaborate with the dancers to produce this publicity trailer, manifesting the essence of the work and its experimental spirit.

What we did —— Henry Cowell’s signature ‘tone clusters’ are somewhat ‘awkward’ to the ear. This very quality was at once an obstacle and an opportunity for us to develop our idea. Cowell deconstructed music and we, too, attempted to take things apart. The revolutionary composer’s pieces at times require the player to pluck the piano wires directly, or play with his elbow or fist. Thus, we made it ‘difficult’ for the dancers by giving them some long bamboo sticks as props. They improvised dance moves limited by the sticks and hence created a unique body language, visualising Cowell’s taxing music.

Client :
Hong Kong Dance Company
Creative / Art Direction & Production :
Studio TIO & Egill Bjarki

‘Surrender your body to music and the thrills
of sensual stimulations presented by Neon.’

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