8/F Platform : NEXT

Experimental Dance Performance

What’s it? —— Next showcases five dance works of young dance artists from Korea, Isreal, Taiwan, Guangzhou and Hong Kong respectively. These experimental dance theatre pieces took place in the blackbox theatre of Hong Kong Dance Company’s 8/F Platform. Our first impression of all these dance artists was that they were very passionate about their art. Each of their works looks into personal topics, mostly about relationships.

What we did —— To visually consolidate all pieces, we chose a shade of blue close to ultramarine to give a sense of modernity and youthfulness. The contrasting white paint on the dancers’ bodies is a raw, forthright way to represent the young dancers. Instead of capturing them in motion, we took aerial shots of them posing statically on the floor to create a clean and contemporary look.

For the teaser, we used a rhythmic track taken from the work by the Korean choreographer to knit all pieces. We employed the drums to set the pace for the editing to draw viewers to the dancers’ vigour. As for the full trailer, we didn’t want to feature any of the countries over others so we used our own selected background music to thread the different dance movements.

Client :
Hong Kong Dance Company
Art Direction & Production :
Studio TIO 

Photography & Videography :
Egill Bjarki

‘The dancers use their bodies to express their inner melody and colour,
evoking stirring images of their lives and memories.’

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