Tea House Theatre Student Matinees

XIQU Centre

What’s it? —— These Student Matinees are organised specifically for secondary school students. The eclectic first-hand experiences allow youngsters to gain a deeper understanding of Chinese traditional theatre and the art of Cantonese opera in authentic settings. We designed the leaflets for the excerpt performances and the programme overview. 

What we did —— Referencing the meticulous details of formal Cantonese opera costume design and makeup, we developed four main roles in caricature. While observing the conventional specifications strictly, we were given creative freedom to make most of the features consistently curvy. The four faces stemming from the identical oval hint at the essence of this highly adaptable performing art form. Against modern bold background colours, the four images are visually easy-going and hence more accessible to youngsters. Xiqu Centre adored the designs to the extent that they made the four characters into emoji stickers for further publicity – which came as a pleasant surprise to us.  

Client :
Xiqu Centre, West Kowloon Cultural District
Art Direction & Production :
Studio TIO
Photography :
Egill Bjarki

‘[…] allow students to learn about xiqu and traditional culture in a stimulating,
inter-disciplinary way.’

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